Thursday, November 11, 2010

my own

blogging is not new to me. i had created one account from blogspot ages ago and also one from multiply and now i'm so back to blogworld. facebook has been my outlet for sometime but i had this deep thinking that it would be too much to divulge my personal thingies there.this is one of my ways to share my thoughts on the time being.

where i've been
---i love to travel..whenever i am given the chance and resources i go places and meet people! see those things that i can just see in pictures when i was young.

what i feel
---i want to share what i feel at the moment..because this blog is me..the reflection of what i am and what i believe in!

what i want
---we all do have dreams when were young..but growing up i wanted more and i work had to make it real in my own way!

i really would want to from here expect more of my being a mom, a wife, a daughter,a sister, a traveler, a dreamer..